Los Angeles Guide to Corporate Bus Rentals for Events

By LA Shuttle Bus • February 16, 2023
Los Angeles Guide to Corporate Bus Rentals for Events

Organizing a corporate event can quickly feel like a full-time job. From coordinating keynote speakers and picking the right venue to securing safe and reliable transportation for your guests, there are a lot of factors to take care of for a successful event. A corporate charter bus rental and corporate shuttle service can help ensure your guests arrive safely and on-time, without the need of a large parking space.

Our guide to Los Angeles corporate charter bus rentals will break down the charter bus rentals available to corporate event planners, as well as highlight corporate charter bus rental costs, and amenities.

Why rent a corporate charter bus?

Ultimately, booking a corporate charter bus rental is the best way to get your guests from point A to point B, accommodating groups of all sizes. LA Shuttle Bus Rentals has an abundance of experience at organizing seamless transportation for corporate events, connecting event planners with its versatile fleet of Los Angeles charter bus rentals.

A corporate charter bus rental and corporate shuttle service helps increase participation rates and can be customized according to your specific needs, whether that means equipping it with onboard technology, or wrapping the charter bus rental with your company’s logo.

LA Corporate Charter Bus Rentals

When booking a corporate charter bus rental and corporate shuttle service in Los Angeles, LA Shuttle Bus Rentals team understands that one size does not fit all. From the fully-equipped coach bus rental to the compact minibus rental, there are a number of options for corporate event planners in Los Angeles to consider.

Los Angeles Coach Bus Rentals

The coach bus rental embodies luxury and comfort on the road, coming equipped with a number of amenities ranging from an onboard restroom, vehicle-wide air conditioning, comfortable seating, and hi-speed WIFI. Coach bus rentals are ideal for transporting larger groups of passengers to corporate events, accommodating up to 55 people at a time.

Best suited for longer distance trips, coach bus rentals are great for transporting guests to out-of-town conferences. Each coach bus rental comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with a wealth of knowledge of Los Angeles’ traffic and congestion, ensuring your guests arrive at the venue safely, on time, and reliably.

Los Angeles Minibus Rentals

Corporate event planners regularly turn to minibus rentals for their convenience and affordability. Purpose-built for economy and comfort, minibus rentals make for great corporate charter bus rentals or corporate shuttle services. Whether you want to organize a simultaneous corporate shuttle service, or need a cost-effective Los Angeles charter bus rental, minibus rentals have you covered.

Minibus rentals can comfortably seat up to 21 passengers at a time, and are perfectly-suited for shorter-distance hops in and around Los Angeles. This vehicle can be outfitted with a host of optional amenities such as air conditioning, DVD/TV equipment and power outlets, providing a streamlined Los Angeles charter bus rental for your corporate event.

Los Angeles Mini Coach Bus Rentals

Mini coach bus rentals offer event organizers in Los Angeles the perfect in-between a full-sized coach bus and minibus, transporting up to 31 passengers at a time safely and reliably. Mini coach bus rentals in Los Angeles come equipped with every amenity traditionally found on a coach bus, with the exception of the onboard restroom. Ideal for both shorter- or longer-distance trips, mini coach bus rentals are among the most versatile charter bus rentals available for a corporate shuttle service.

Mini coach bus rentals can also be customized with vehicle-wide hi-speed WIFI and power outlets, ensuring your conference attendees and guests can stay connected while on the road. LA Shuttle Bus Rentals gives you the flexibility you need to host the perfect corporate event, helping you equip your Los Angeles charter bus rental with a range of onboard technology and amenities.

Los Angeles School Bus Rentals

School bus rentals, while commonly used to keep costs streamlined, are nonetheless another great option for a corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service in Los Angeles. Accommodating up to 47 passengers at a time, school bus rentals are tailor-made from transporting larger groups of people over shorter distances, offering a safe and reliable ride between point A and B.

School bus rentals do not come equipped with many amenities, however, this is what keeps this charter bus rental so affordable. School bus rentals are extremely versatile and can serve as a corporate shuttle service between convenient pickup locations and the event venue. Our award-winning booking specialists can help you optimize your itinerary thanks to their expertise in route analytics and logistics.

Los Angeles Sprinter Van Rentals

Did you know that sprinter van rentals in Los Angeles are the only charter bus rental that you can drive yourself? Just be sure to consult our Sprinter Van page, however, no special licensing is typically required in most jurisdictions. Sprinter van rentals are ideal for smaller to medium-sized corporate events, shuttling between eight to 15 passengers at a time. We also offer chauffeured sprinter van rentals that come with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with a proven track record of no prior incidents.

Passenger van rentals are a great option for businesses looking to keep an eye on their carbon footprint, offering a wallet-friendly and fuel-efficient corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service. Sprinter van rentals are also highly customizable and can be outfitted with WIFI, power outlets, and air conditioning.

Los Angeles Corporate Bus Rentals FAQs

Still have questions about renting a Los Angeles charter bus rental ahead of your next event? Our Frequently Asked Questions have you covered. From corporate charter bus rental prices to tips and tricks when booking a corporate shuttle service, we have the answers to all your questions.

Do you need a charter bus to get to your LA corporate event venue?

In short, yes. Los Angeles drivers, on average, spent approximately 95 hours in traffic a year. Rather than have your VIP guests navigate through LA’s infamous traffic and congestion themselves, a corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service eliminates the hassle of transportation. A corporate charter bus rental will not only ensure your guests arrive at the venue safely and hassle-free, but is a great way to boost participation rates. Corporate shuttle services also consolidate your entire group in one compact vehicle, giving your guests the time to get to know each other on the way.

How far in advance should you book your Los Angeles corporate charter bus rental?

It is always recommended to confirm your Los Angeles charter bus rental as soon as possible to avoid price surging – typically between six and nine months in advance of your corporate event. This will ultimately ensure you receive the lowest corporate charter bus rental price available, giving LA Shuttle Bus Rentals ample time to source your Los Angeles charter bus rental from one of our 3,300 trusted local bus suppliers.

How much should a corporate charter bus rental cost?

The cost of your corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle service is ultimately dependent on a number of factors. Factors that affect corporate charter bus rental prices include, group size, desired amenities, fuel prices, the driver’s on-duty time, time of year, and local availability among other factors. The best way to get a quick estimate of your corporate charter bus rental is to use our online booking tool, or get in touch with a booking specialist. This way, you will receive a detailed quote in less than two minutes, helping you budget accordingly for transportation.

How many buses will I need to transport all attendees to my LA corporate event?

Ultimately, each charter bus rental is suited for different group sizes. For example, for larger groups of 55 passengers or less, consider a coach bus rental, or even a school bus rental, which accommodates up to 47 passengers at a time. Whether you opt for the coach bus rental or school bus rental is determined by the length of your trip. School bus rentals are ideal for shorter-distance hops, while coach bus rentals are best for transporting guests over longer distances.

For smaller groups of less than 30 passengers, look no further than the minibus rentals. Alternatively, mini coach bus rentals offer corporate event planners a range of optional amenities and can be used for both shorter- and longer-distance trips. Before booking your Los Angeles charter bus rental, be sure to get an accurate headcount. This will guarantee you find the perfect corporate charter bus rental and help you optimize transportation costs for your corporate event.

Rent a corporate charter bus rental in Los Angeles

Booking a corporate charter bus rental for your upcoming event in Los Angeles offers businesses many benefits. From ensuring your passengers reach their destination safely and reliably, to making a good impression with VIP guests with customizable onboard technology and amenities, corporate charter bus rentals have you covered.

LA Shuttle Bus Rentals can also help you coordinate a convenient corporate shuttle service, transporting guests from pickup locations to and from the venue. Corporate shuttle services ensure your venue will be packed to the brim, all-while offering guests a safe ride home.

If you still have questions about getting started with corporate charter bus rentals, or coordinating a corporate shuttle service, get in touch with our award-winning booking specialists at 1 (855) 428-7266!

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