Rent a Coach Bus in Los Angeles

Rent a Coach Bus in Los Angeles

Renting a coach bus in Los Angeles simplifies group transportation, offering your group a safe and reliable ride wherever you may be heading. Whether you need coach bus rentals for a corporate event or conference, or need a fleet of coach bus charters for a shuttle service, LA Shuttle Bus Rentals works directly with a network of reliable bus providers to find you coach bus rentals at competitive rates.

Why Choose LA Shuttle Bus Rentals for Coach Buses

Large fleet and flexible booking

LA Shuttle Bus Rentals offers businesses, large event organizers, and tour operators a reliable fleet of fully equipped Coach bus rentals in Los Angeles. With over 40,000 charter bus rentals at its disposal, our team will help you find the perfect bus type, keeping your budget, destination, and special accommodations and amenities in mind.

Access to 24/7 support

Our team of award-winning booking specialists are always a call away, ensuring your trip or commute in Los Angeles goes smoothly. LA Shuttle Bus Rentals offers 24/7 support before, after, or during your trip, helping you make the most of your charter bus rental experience in Los Angeles.

Safest bus transport in LA

LA Shuttle Bus Rentals has implemented a number of safety measures and is committed to following regulations and safeguarding communities from COVID-19, offering your group peace of mind on your Los Angeles trip. Each charter bus rental comes equipped with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with a stellar track record of zero incidents.

You're in good company

We’ve helped organizations big and small travel efficiently and affordably with our Los Angeles charter buses.

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Popular Los Angeles Coach Bus Rentals

Coach bus rentals are among the most luxurious of charter bus rental options, offering event organizers and corporations amenities other bus rentals simply do not. Coach bus charters are extremely versatile, accommodating trips of all sizes, ranging from shuttle services to conferences and sports teams.


Corporations in Los Angeles regularly turn to coach bus rentals for all their transportation needs, helping them transport their staff safely and reliably from conferences, team-building retreats, off-side meetings, trade shows, and more.

Coach bus charters come equipped with hi-speed WIFI, ensuring your team can stay connected while on the road in Los Angeles.

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Shuttle Services

Coach bus rentals can also be used for shuttle services, ensuring your staff or guests get from point A to B – or commute between multiple dropping points in Los Angeles. Coach bus charters are commonly used for employee shuttle services, airport shuttle services, conference shuttle services, corporate shuttle services, and more. You can check with our customer service team for ADA compliant coach buses, to support the needs of people with disabilities.

Accommodating up to 55 people at a time, coach bus rentals are perfect for transporting larger groups of people over longer distances.

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Shuttle Services

Sports Teams

Sports teams in Los Angeles eliminate the hassle of group transportation by renting a coach bus rental for the entire season. Rather than coordinating regular carpools, or relying on public transportation, a coach bus charter ensures your sports team will get to their game or practice on time and ready to play. Additional space in the coach buses make it easier to transport the sporting equipment safely.

Coach bus rentals are particularly ideal for out-of-town tournaments, ensuring your sports team and staff rides in complete comfort thanks to a number of modern luxuries, including an onboard restroom, vehicle-wide air conditioning, hi-speed WIFI, and more.

Sports Teams


Conference organizers in Los Angeles looking to impress their guests often book coach bus rentals for their transportation needs. Whether you need to set up a shuttle service from the airport or hotel to the conference venue, or simply want to offer your guests a safe and reliable ride home, our coach bus rentals have you covered.

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Professional wedding planners benefit from the flexibility a coach bus rental offers, accommodating up to 55 guests at a time. Coach bus rentals can be used to shuttle guests from the ceremony to the reception, and even include pit-stops for pictures.

With LA Shuttle Bus Rentals, wedding planners have the ability to personalize their wedding bus rental and itinerary, helping them organize the perfect wedding day.



Have we answered all of your questions about coach bus rentals in Los Angeles? In case we didn’t, here are some of the most frequently asked questions, including coach bus rental prices, how to rent a coach bus charter, and more.

Why rent a coach bus charter in Los Angeles?

A coach bus rental in Los Angeles simplifies group transportation and helps you avoid the busy traffic and LA congestion. Coach bus rentals are one of the most convenient ways to transport larger groups of people in a safe, reliable, and affordable way. Our fully-vetted and experienced driver will ensure you get to your destination on time and in complete comfort.

What are the benefits of renting a coach bus charter in Los Angeles?

Coach bus rentals ensure you get to experience Los Angeles in comfort and come with a number of amenities, including hi-speed WIFI, an onboard restroom, and significant storage space, to name a few. Our fully-vetted and experienced driver is equipped with an abundance of local knowledge of the city to deliver a seamless charter bus rental experience.

What amenities are available on a coach bus rental in Los Angeles?

Coach bus rentals, as highlighted above, are the most luxurious of charter bus rental options available and come equipped with a number of modern amenities. Common amenities found on a coach bus rental include, vehicle-wide air conditioning, an onboard restroom, hi-speed WIFI, luxurious seating, power outlets, storage space for your personal belongings, and more.

How much does a coach bus rental in Los Angeles cost?

The coach bus rental price in Los Angeles will ultimately depend on a number of factors, including the amenities you choose, distance traveled, local availability, and time of year. For more information on coach bus rental prices, use our online booking tool or get in touch with a booking specialist.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest coach bus rental prices in Los Angeles?

It is always recommended to rent your coach bus charter well in advance, or the minute you know your travel dates. Time of year and local availability play a significant role in the coach bus rental price, however, with over 40,000 charter bus options at our disposal, LA Shuttle Bus Rentals is here to help. Our Book Now, Pay Later policy helps you defer the final payment of your coach bus rental up until 21 days before your departure!

How do I book a coach bus rental in Los Angeles?

Renting a coach bus charter in Los Angeles is extremely simple thanks to our online booking tool. Simply input your trip details, including dates, number of people, desired amenities, and distance travelled, and our online booking system will generate a detailed quote in under two minutes. Your coach bus rental quote will be valid for three days! If it expires, simply request a new one or contact a booking specialist.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?

The LA Shuttle Bus Rentals’s support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by emailing us at

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