Rent a Mini Coach Bus in Los Angeles

Rent a Mini Coach Bus in Los Angeles

Mini coach bus rentals in Los Angeles provide safe and reliable transportation for all your shorter trips. Comfortably accommodating up to 31 passengers at a time, mini coach bus rentals are a great way to enjoy many of the same benefits of a full-sized coach bus rental, albeit in a more compact package. Their smaller size makes them perfect for shuttle services or as a last mile connectivity option.

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Why Choose LA Shuttle Bus Rentals for Mini Coach Buses

Large fleet and flexible booking

LA Shuttle Bus Rentals has over 40,000 charter bus rentals at its disposal, including the mini coach bus, coach bus, minibus, school bus, and sprinter van rental. Our award-winning team of booking specialists will ensure you find the perfect bus type for your trip to Los Angeles.

Customizable Technology Features & Amenities

LA Shuttle Bus Rentals gives you the ability to customize your mini coach shuttles from A to Z, ensuring you make the most of your experience in Los Angeles. Whether it means adding amenities such as free water bottles for riders, or creating a custom app for your shuttle service, LA Shuttle Bus Rentals allows you to customize your bus rental experience.

Access to 24/7 support

Our award-winning team of booking specialists are available 24/7, before, after, and during your trip. LA Shuttle Bus Rentals has an abundance of experience at coordinating group transportation and will ensure your trip goes smoothly.

You're in good company

We’ve helped organizations big and small travel efficiently and affordably with our Los Angeles charter buses.

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Popular Los Angeles Mini Coach Bus Rentals

Mini coach bus rentals make for convenient charter bus rental options, and can be used for corporate trips, tournament travel, conference and wedding transportation, as well as shuttle services.


Corporations of all sizes in Los Angeles rent mini coach bus charters for all their corporate events, out-of-town retreats, and team-building exercises, ensuring their team can stay connected while on the road with hi-speed WIFI and power outlets.

Seating up to 31 passengers at a time, our mini coach bus rentals are ideal for medium- to large businesses, all-while offering a budget-conscious option.

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Shuttle Services

Mini coach bus rentals regularly serve as convenient shuttle services, transporting employees, festival goers, construction workers, and government groups among others to and from their destinations safely and affordably. They can also be deployed as an on-demand backup alternative in case of service interruptions on fixed routes.

Mini coach bus rentals are purpose-built for comfort and convenience, offering a versatile charter bus rental for shuttle services both big and small.

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Shuttle Services

Sports Teams

Mini coach bus rentals provide an affordable method of transportation for sports teams in Los Angeles, be it for out-of-town tournaments or to games and practices. Secure your mini coach bus rental for the entire season when you receive your schedule, ensuring you get the best possible mini coach bus rental price.

Sports Teams


Conference organizers in Los Angeles turn to mini coach bus rentals for all their events, ensuring all their guests arrive at their destination on time and in complete comfort.

Mini coach bus charters come equipped with many of the same amenities as a full-sized coach bus, including vehicle-wide air conditioning and WIFI, all-while remaining a budget-friendly option. Businesses and transit authorities can customize their mini coach rentals with additional amenities or technology features.

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Professional wedding planners count on mini coach bus rentals for their reliability, simplifying group transportation for wedding events of all sizes. From bachelors and bachelorettes, to the wedding day itself, mini coach bus charters ensure your client’s special day goes without a hitch.

Coming equipped with a fully-vetted and experienced driver, a mini coach bus eliminates the hassle of navigating LA’s infamous traffic and finding parking.



Have we answered all of your questions about mini coach bus rentals in Los Angeles? In case we didn’t, here are some of the most frequently asked questions, including mini coach bus rental prices, how to rent a mini coach bus charter, and more.

Why rent a mini coach bus charter in Los Angeles?

Mini coach bus charters are ideal for groups looking for the luxuries and amenities of a coach bus rental, but on a smaller scale. Mini coach bus rentals are a cost-effective alternative to their counterpart, making them ideal for traveling up to 31 passengers over shorter distances. Due to its compact size and affordability, mini coach bus charters are perfectly suited for navigating through the busy streets of Los Angeles with ease.

What are the benefits of renting a mini coach bus charter in Los Angeles?

Mini coach bus charters are extremely versatile and affordable and excel for a variety of different trip types, including corporate events, conferences, weddings, and more. Mini coach bus rentals can be customized to include a variety of optional amenities, further ensuring your group’s comfort, all-while providing an affordable method of transportation. Additionally, our fully-vetted and experienced driver will maneuver through LA’s infamous traffic so you don’t have to.

What amenities are available on a mini coach bus rental in Los Angeles?

Mini coach bus rentals come equipped with many of the same standard amenities as a coach bus rental, including comfortable seating, dedicated undercarriage storage, and heavy-duty suspension. Mini coach bus charters can also be equipped with additional amenities and modern comforts ranging from hi-speed WIFI, air conditioning, TVs, and power outlets. The only amenity that isn’t available on a mini coach bus charter is the onboard restroom. If you’re starting a shuttle service, you can also customize the amenities and technology as per your needs with LA Shuttle Bus Rentals.

How much does a mini coach bus rental in Los Angeles cost?

Mini coach bus rentals prices are ultimately determined by a number of factors, including the driver’s on-duty time, desired amenities, distance traveled, and your group size, to name a few. On average, mini coach bus rental prices vary between $500 and $1,000 per day depending on the aforementioned factors. The best way to get an accurate minibus rental price is to use our online booking tool and generate a detailed quote.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest mini coach bus rental prices in Los Angeles?

It is always recommended to book your mini coach bus rental well in advance of your trip to Los Angeles. For organizations trying to launch their private or public shuttle service, LA Shuttle Bus Rentals offers the most competitive long term pricing. For short term and one off mini coach bus rentals, you can access the lowest mini coach bus rental prices by confirming your booking between six and nine months before your departure date. But fret not, you are under no obligation to complete the full payment up until three weeks before you leave. Our Book Now, Pay Later policy helps you defer the final payment of your mini coach bus charter up until 21 days before your departure!

How do I book a mini coach bus rental in Los Angeles?

If you’re a business or a government organization, simply reach out to LA Shuttle Bus Rentals to discuss your mini coach bus rental requirements. Need our service for just this once? Booking a mini coach bus charter has never been easier thanks to our easy-to-use online booking tool. Begin by inputting your trip parameters and a detailed quote will be generated within two minutes! Your quote is valid for three days, giving you ample time to coordinate with the rest of your group before completing the booking. If it expires, simply request a new one or contact a booking specialist for special requests and accommodations.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?

The LA Shuttle Bus Rentals’s support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by emailing us at

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